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Surat #1 QLD Hunting Property

Surat Hunting Property, Surat, QLD, 4417

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  • Landowner Charges
  • Camping per Person per Night : $65
  • Minimum Booking Fee : $370
  • Additional Info
  • Bikes or Quads Allowed : No Bikes Allowed
  • Dogs Allowed : No
  • Notes :

    Fishing Available

Open for Hunting Call 02 65 599 888 to Book Now
4,500 Acres with Pigs, Goats, Foxes, Cats, Rabbits, Hare & Fishing


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Property Highlights

Established in 1849, Surat is a small rural town in South West Queensland. With an elevation of 246 meters, Surat is 450 kilometres west of Brisbane and has a population of approximately 425.

Surat has a great museum and they feed the cod there every Saturday as its only 15km away it is nice and close, Surat also has a fantastic coffee/gift shop.

The hunting property is only 15Kms from town and offers hunters a range of hunting options – the main thing is the property owner does not allow dogs to be brought onto the property.

Hunt pigs, rabbits and goats. When you have a chat with the property owner, ask what other pests they don’t mind you hunting.



The terrain is mainly open cropping country with some river frontage and hill areas to sharpen your hunting skills.

Four-wheel drive is not normally needed, except of course in the wet where it would be a distinct advantage.

The property owners do not mind what time you turn up, as long as it’s the time that was prior agreed to. So please turn up on time that you said you would.

There is no facilities on the property and you will have to bring everything you need for your stay. Tip – bring Insect repellent, fishing gear (they have a lot of people turn up sad they didn’t bring yabby traps fishing rods etc) and be prepared to move camp if it is wet as the river country is black soil.

There is firewood available on the property – you will want to bring a saw or axe to make cutting up your firewood easier.

The property owner allows sighting in your guns and target practice on the property – just make sure you always know where the bullets will land and make sure you do not destruct any property.

Full Telstra phone reception is available on the property.

While the property owner does not charge any trophy fees, they do pay for certain pests to be shot – so ask this at the gate.

The property owner asks that you do not hang any dead carcasses on fences. Think mutual respect. Also, slow down. Do not speed through the house shed area. Chill, relax and take your time. The property owner also asks you to remember to stick to your agreed turn up time and not be late.


Bring the whole family

Visitors to the property often comment on the river and how close the property is to town. When wives and children come, they often relax, drink coffee, go fishing and go sight seeing in Surat.

The property owner also has a number of pet animals that they are happy to introduce you or your family too – pet sheep, many horses, chooks and a poddy calf.

In town, Surat has a little chemist, a butcher shop, the post office opens on the weekends, a café, a coffee shop and another little grocery store – they are all wonderful business’s.



Surat #1 QLD Hunting Property Review

Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know we had an great time at Surat. The owner was great, pointed us towards a good camp spot and a big feed of yabbies which I hadn’t had since I lived in Oakey as boy.
Everyone in town was super friendly,and helpful.
All round it was great just to have some father and son time, doing boy stuff. Thanks again and cant wait for my next trip.

Rating: 5

Hi, just letting you know that we had a very successful trip with 12 pigs, 3 foxes and 4 cats (pics of pigs included) looking forward to booking many more hunts in the future.
Rating: 5





For access to properties, Shooters and Bow Hunters require current membership of one of the following:

All Doggers on dogging approved properties need to be a member of the APDHA

For non-hunters attending with hunters on properties, although not compulsory, we do suggest and recommend joining the Shooters Union.

We also recommend current ambulance cover.

You enter these properties fully aware of the risks involved and do so at your own risk.
IHP, property owners and all related and unrelated parties are not held liable for any claim, accident or injury.

In other words, take responsibility for your own actions, watch what you are doing and ACT LIKE AN ADULT WITH COMMON SENSE.

We truly want everyone to have a great time on our properties. Take time to read and understand the Conditions of Property Access



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