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Barraba #2 NSW Hunting Property

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8,000 Acres with Pigs, goats, foxes, cats, rabbit hunting & fishing



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What hunting options are allowed?

The property owners are fairly flexiable with hunting options as long as the animal is killed outright and doesn’t suffer. they quite often have bow hunters and people who just want to fish in the river. They also have people who come solely to ride their horses in a very pretty valley area.

What is the terrain like?

The property is set against the Horton River in between two large Mountain Ranges. They have a shooters hut and a covered Camping Area on the property. The property has approximately 3,500 acres of flat country then very steep country that then opens up onto three large plateau areas. This country can only be accessed by motorbikes and the property owners ask that you have a Side by Side bike eg Polaris to access this area as we feel they are a safer option. They also ask that helmets be worn at all times on this property if riding any bikes.


Do I need 4WD to get to or around the property?

There is bitumen up to within 4klm of the property and a good dirt road once off bitumen. There is a good deal of flat country but a bike comes in handy for the steeper country at the rear of the property.


How far from a major town?

We are approx 35klms from Barraba which is a small country town with IGA and Bank Teller Facilities, it has a dress shop called” As you Wish” ,a great shoe and coffee shop called “Pokadot” and 3 other cafes as well as a Bowls Club with Chinese and an RSL Club with Aussie food. There is also a good Pharmacy and Newsagency combined. We are approximately 1 ¾ hours from the major inland hub of Tamworth. (Country Music Capital)


What facilities are available on the property?

We have an old hut that has some mattresses, a wood stove and a generator for lights. A donkey system provides hot water for the shower. We have also put in a septic system for your convenience and have an outdoor BBQ area. It’s nothing flash but liveable. We also offer a good camping site for those that would prefer camping. We have erected a small open shed and table and chairs in this secluded area.


What are the sleeping facilites like?

I tell people to bring their own sleeping requirements eg swags and pillows etc.


Is Mobile Service Available?

There is limited mobile service in different areas of the property but not all over, and not at the shooters hut. There is also very limited coverage at the front gate before you enter the property.


Do you need to bring Fire Wood?

There is plenty of wood on the property. We usually have some at the Hut but encourage people to collect their own.


Can we sight our firearms at the site?

Yes but we encourage sighting at the rear of the property away from the houses.


What do they need to bring?

Mostly the same as if you were camping. Cooking Utensils, bed linen or swags, Eskies and Ice as no fridge.


Best Time to Book?

We feel that any time is good however Spring and Autumn are the best temp wise. I do not encourage coming around Dec, Jan, as it is usually very hot and dry But most other times its great practically if you have heard we have had a bit of rain on the Northern Slopes and Plains.


Do we charge any extra Fees?

No, only what is deemed by Western Hunting. We like all our shooters to book through this organisation as we find them excellent in weeding out the trouble makers, those that litter and can’t shut gates!!


Are there any additional Rules?

We are inviting you into our family and our home and the same rules apply as if you were staying in our own home. Littering is prohibited, even gun shells left is annoying to us. We expect closed gates to be re closed when people go through them and shut properly. We expect rubbish to be placed in the bins provided. If an animal is killed near a watering point or on the road we expect them to be pulled off and located where the smell won’t encroach on anyone. We want people to exercise some common sense and not shoot around the homes, leave things as they find them and just have a good time in this wonderful part of the world.


What do visitors like most about the property?

I think visitors like the beauty of the area and the fact that we have quite a few pests including foxes, pigs, goats and rabbits. We also get the occasional deer but we love our little Fallow Deer and encourage shooters to admire them rather then shoot them as they are not a pest in this area and add to the beauty. They are only seen very rarely.

To conclude I would like to say that we are the owners of this property and as such are custodians of it in our lifetime. We wish for it to remain pristine and encourage those that have this philosophy to come and rid us of introduced pests and enjoy the beauty.






For access to any of our properties, all Shooters, Non-shooters and Bow Hunters require current membership of one of the following:

All Doggers on dogging approved properties need to be a member of the APDHA

For each non-hunter attending any of our properties, it is compulsory to be covered by current comprehensive public liability insurance. This is a non-negotiable requirement and forms part of your booking contract. Similar to having travel insurance to go on holidays. This insurance is available by being a current member of an AHO, the SSAA or the Shooters Union before your booking is approved.

We also recommend current ambulance cover.

You enter these properties fully aware of the risks involved and do so at your own risk.
IHP, property owners and all related and unrelated parties are not held liable for any claim, accident or injury.

In other words, take responsibility for your own actions, watch what you are doing and ACT LIKE AN ADULT WITH COMMON SENSE.

We truly want everyone to have a great time on our properties. Take time to read and understand the Conditions of Property Access




Risk assessments must be taken for potential hazards whilst using any bikes, quads/ATV or buggy's on the property.

Some properties only allow certain types of vehicles. Please check listing carefully.
Helmet and protective gear to be worn whenever operating these vehicles.

We recommend the Yassi Course or some form of accredited training be taken prior to using any bikes, quads/ATV or buggy’s on the property.


Bikes, buggy’s and Quads/ATV are to be taken onto properties entirely at your own risk.

No responsibility will be taken. Assess your own insurance for these recreational vehicles.

You release and indemnify IHP and all related parties against any claim of any kind whatsoever.

If in doubt or you do not agree to or understand these terms, do not bring and or ride bikes, buggy's or quad/ATV.


Hunter Reviews

Barraba 2 NSW Hunting Property Review

Hi, Attached 2 pics from our last hunt in Barraba 2. We all had a good time and pinned about 15 foxes and 13 pigs in total.
Rating: 5


Barraba 2 NSW Hunting Property Review

Hi girls, Just a quick note to thank you for our trip to Barraba. The owner showed us around the property and was a fantastic host.
The hunting was great with good numbers of pigs, goats and foxes. Couldn’t be happier with your service.
Rating: 5



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Address: Barraba Hunting Property, Barraba, NSW, 2347, Darling County
Categories: New South Wales
Type: Open for Hunting

Rural Information

Size: 8,000 Acres
Rainfall: 688.7 mm
Terrain: River flats rising to scrubby hills, mountains and gorges, open grasslands
Stock: Cattle
Cropping: Yes
Water: Horton river, semi-dry creeks and dams
Number of Hunters: Previous Hunters Only