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Family Hunting Holiday

Create unforgettable memories for your whole family, hunters and non-hunters.

Hunting takes us back to our ancestral roots when we all shared a much deeper connection to the land than we do today. The disassociation that city and urban living create in our current fast paced lives can be in part dissolved by getting back to the land and connecting once again.


Hunting is an Ancient Tradition

For thousands of years we have lived off the land and taken only what was needed and hunting was an everyday part of life - if you didn't hunt, you ate roots and berries.

Today, we find many men bring their family and children along to experience the real outback - often bringing their own fathers and grandfathers for a multi-generational hand down of family history and skills. Some women come along for the hunt - but sometimes prefer to escape the hunting party and gather around the campfire to catch up and keep the camp going until the hunters return.

Family Hunting Trip in Australia


Pig Hunting Holiday in Outback Queensland

Creating Memories

The stories you will bring back will be timeless and you will often find yourself still reminiscing to mates years later. No wonder hunting is such a popular and deep connecting past time. When you combine connection to the land, with helping property owners restore the balance of feral animals along with supporting local rural communities - you know you're onto something special.


Taking Your Family Hunting

Hunting with your family is one of life’s memorable experiences. Anything that brings parents and children together around a shared interest must be valued, particularly when it takes everyone out of their comfort zone.


Why go Hunting in Australia?

You might wonder what’s so special about an Australian hunting adventure? There are many reasons, but firstly it’s the bonds that are built when you spend time with a group of like-minded individuals. This helps establish a sense of community, belonging and trust – all of which are crucial building blocks for a young person’s identity. It also helps children feel guided and supported by their parents or other adults.


Share life’s Lessons

Similarly, it offers parents another way to spend time with their children and gives an opportunity to share some of life’s lessons with them. Kids grow up incredibly quickly, and spending quality time together doing a shared interest will reinforce the parent/child bond for years to come.

Family Pig Hunting Holiday


Take your Kids Goat Hunting

Family Camping Holidays

Family camping also fosters deep and meaningful traditions – often extending from generation to generation. Hunting camping trips have the unique ability to bring extended family members together each season to camp out in trailers, ice houses, shacks or tents. Older family members share their stories and reminisce about their life, and past hunting trips, and everyone contributes to plans for the next day’s hunt while sitting under the stars next to a camp fire.


Enjoy Valuable Time Together

These lifelong traditions are created with the first step of inviting family members to Australia to enjoy some valuable time together while sharing the adventure of a hunt. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to arrange, but you can be sure it will become a treasured and long-lasting memory.


Spending time outdoors will also make sure everyone gets a healthy break from gadgets and technology. Irrespective of whether its mobile phones, social media, video games or work emails, we all need to unplug once in a while to reduce our stress levels and reconnect with nature.


Connect Your Family with Nature

There is no better way to celebrate life than by standing together as a family while you watch the sun come up and listen to nature come alive, with its beauty and unique sounds. And while it’s good to leave the gadgets and connectivity behind, it’s not as though an Australian hunting trip will take you back to the dark ages.

There are some technologies that come in very handy for the hunting community, such as scent-eliminating products and hi-tech photographic gear. The difference is that these items are part of the hunting experience and not a means to search out long-lost school friends on social media.

Family Goat Hunting Family Hunting Trip in Australia


Father with Sons Hunting

As the Leader of Your Family – Take the Lead and Set an Example for Future Generations

So make use of every opportunity that you find yourself in the bush together with your children – particularly teenagers. Lead by example and spend time learning and teaching about nature, instead of checking your mobile phone for messages every five minutes.

The Australian bush has a lot to teach you and your family. It’s full of amazing places and experiences. All you need to do is conduct a bit of research, choose your adventure, pack everything you and your family need for a hunting trip, and you’re ready to go.


IHP Bring Farmers and Hunters Together

IHP has been connecting property owners with hunters since 1992 - over 25 years - helping create thousands of precious memories and experiences with much much more to come.


Property Owners

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We believe in the balance conservation hunting provides. Farm stock and native endangered species are in a continuous battle for survival against the feral animal plague that is crippeling Australia.