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Yabbie Fishing in Australia

The Yabbie, or Yabby, is a freshwater crustacean commonly found in Australian swamps, streams, rivers, reservoirs and farm dams. It is listed as a vulnerable species of crayfish, even though their populations are strong, their wild habitats continue to increase, and they are now farmed commercially.

Common yabbies usually grow between 10-20cm, but can reach up to 30cm in length. The colour of yabbies varies according to their habitat, and ranges from black to blue and brown.

While not as popular as other crustaceans, such as prawns, yabbies are eaten in Australia in much the same way. They are growing in popularity as a commercial catch and there are efforts underway to promote yabbies as a viable export commodity, particularly to China. Farmers are free to farm yabbies on their own land and don’t require a licence.

Cooking Yabbies on the Fire


Use a Yabbie Trap to catch Freshwater Crayfish in a dam

Catching Yabbies

Catching yabbies in rivers and farm dams is a popular summer activity in Australia and there are some important rules and regulations that affect yabbie fishing. Firstly, it’s important to know that there are bag limits on the number of yabbies you can catch, in order to protect the population and their habitat. In South Australia, for example, the bag limit is 200 per day. Also, the maximum catch allowed on a boat is 600, where there are three or more passengers.

Female yabbies with eggs need to be returned to the water. Permission is needed to fish for yabbies on private property.


Methods of Catching Yabbies

One of the most popular ways to catch yabbies is using meat bait tied to a line. The line is thrown into the waterway and anchored to the bank. When a yabbie tries to drag the bait away the line goes taut. When this happens, the line is dragged out of the water slowly. If done correctly, the yabbie will be on the end of the line – ready to be scooped up in a net.

Traps and nets can also be used to catch yabbies – however, local regulations need to be checked first. As with all fishing in Australia, please check with relevant state laws to see what licenses are needed. This is to protect all fish and wildlife in the water.

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Catch Yabbies in Freshwater Dams




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