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How to Stop Illegal Shooters and Poachers on your Property

Inland Hunting Properties represents reputable hunters. They show their licenses, hunting permits and hunting club licenses and are open and transparent.

They do this because they trust Inland Hunting Properties and the property owners and want to do the right thing.


IHP registered and vetted hunters do things right

These hunters are upfront and register with IHP to hunt legally and ethically. They don’t break down fences to gain illegal access or sneak in through back gates – and they are definitely not poaching! IHP registered and vetted hunters do things right.

There are, however, illegal shooters who poach and do the wrong thing. Sadly, this reflects negatively on all the well-behaved hunters in the community.

There is a distinct difference in attitude and behaviour between illegal shooters and the upstanding hunters that come through IHP.


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Properties with IHP Hunters See a big drop in Poachers

We have really good hunters, with great reputations and good standing in the community. This includes policemen, correctional officers, tradies and small farmers. Unfortunately, out of sheer frustration from illegal shooters, these fine, upstanding members of the hunting community sometimes get tarred with the same brush as these poachers, who break through fences and tear through crops to get in and shoot illegally.

By the time property owners discover and report these poachers and the police respond, it could take hours or more to get to the property and the poachers are long gone.


The Solution

Fortunately, however, there is an easy solution to all this that brings in additional income. We often hear that when poachers find out that IHP properties have hunters on them, they tend to keep well clear. This is for a number of reasons, the main one is in getting caught, these poachers will simply move onto easier pickings down the road.

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What should hunters do if they see people they don’t think should be on the property?

What should hunters do if they see something suspicious, or come across poachers?

It’s important to not approach them and put yourself in jeopardy. However, most people have mobile phones, so use them to take photos for evidence.


Take Photos with Your Mobile Phone

Take photos of the vehicle and number plates, and ideally what they have done, including any damage they have caused. For example, if you find fences broken down with car tracks driving through the gaps, then take a photo and let the property owner know. They will be truly thankful.

This kind of reporting goes a long way towards stamping out illegal shooters and poaching.


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If you See Something, Report it!

Don’t be complacent and think that this kind of thing ‘just happens’ and no one cares. Take photos and report it. This will also safeguard you, as the property owner will know you weren’t the one that caused the damage and then left.

You’ll be in the clear and you’ll show the property owner you are a responsible, trustworthy hunter.


Send Through the Pictures to the IHP Family Team

If it’s easier, you can even send the images through to IHP and they will let the property owner know. The property owner will truly appreciate your help.

If you take a photo and it turns out there was nothing untoward going on, then that’s fine – you’ve done your part. At the very least you’re safeguarding yourself and keeping the property owners informed of what’s going on – it always helps to have another set of eyes on the property.

Think of it this way: If you’re on a 100,000-acre property and the landowner is working in the 20,000 acre home paddocks, they might not get to see the back of the property, where the fences have been down for over a week. An extra set of eyes really comes in handy.


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Reporting Leads to Arrests

We have instances where our hunters have come across poachers and notified the property owners, who have informed the Police for follow up. We have other cases where property owners have sent us photos of culprits, which we have posted on our Facebook page and received over 60,000 views.

Partnering with Inland Hunting Properties has helped property owners stamp out poaching on their properties. Having an extra set of eyes on the land to help keep everything in check is a huge advantage of partnering with us. On top of this, you can earn a good income from a previously unused asset. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Hunters, protect your hunting community and way of life by being proactive in reporting poachers

Property owners in the past sometimes hesitated before allowing anyone on to their properties because of the negative actions of a few illegal shooters/ poachers. Now by having access to a select pool of responsible hunters changes the balance completely. Bit by bit, illegal poaching is getting stamped out across Australia.

By reporting these criminals when the opportunity presents, we prove repeatedly to property owners that we don’t behave and are nothing like poachers. Property by property, we will slowly continue to change the face of the hunting and feral animal control industry, one happy property owner at a time.

Help do your bit to protect the properties you have been given special access to. We have hunters that have been going back to the same hunting property every year for 10 years or more. By protecting property owners from illegal shooters and poachers you are ensuring you have many good hunting seasons in the future.

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