Inland Hunting Properties - How to Improve Hunting Skills  

Take time and effort to improve your hunting skills and know the land

How to Improve your Hunting Skills


Unrealistic expectations about the number of wild pigs you can shoot sitting in your camp chair beside your campfire will just let you down.

A good hunter sharpens his or her skills, takes full responsibility, and always looks at what he or she can improve upon in their abilities and strategies. They also never rant and rave and blame everyone but themselves.


Pig Hunting
Quad Bike Hunting


Intimately Know your Hunting Property

Have you ever wondered why some hunters go out and bring home the bacon, while others come back repeatedly, with next to nothing to show? The key aspect is to get to know your chosen property and put in the time and effort to scout it properly and learn what happens on it. This way, your success is purely based on your ability.


Take your time. Ask lot's of questions

We recommend spending at least two nights and two days on your chosen property – the longer the better. Talk to the property owner and ask lots of good questions – they are a wealth of knowledge. They know their property better than anyone and will help steer you in the right direction.


Hunting at Waterholes
Australian Hog Hunting


Scout your property

Go over your property map. Scout the property and mark out wallows, and investigate tracks, telltale signs and vantage points, then mark them on your maps and discuss your findings and strategies with your group. Hunting is a strategic and competitive sport. The longer you spend glassing a property, the more you slow down and get to know the land, the more you will see and learn.


Basic hunting rules of the land

If you’re looking to laze on the back of a ute, make as much noise as possible, shoot anything in sight and blast across paddocks just so you can take some happy snaps for your Facebook wall for your friends to see, then IHP is not for you. The hunting community does not welcome you and neither do our property owners. Door-knocking farmers, asking for properties to shoot on and putting ads to shoot for free on Gum Tree won’t get you far.


Pig Stalking
Goat Stalking


Hunting is a game of Skill and Chance

If you go to shoot at anything that moves, you won’t find anything and our property owners will tell us to bar you and not let you back. If you want to hunt, however, it’s a great way to connect with your passion. It’s like fishing; it’s the luck of the draw, with skill involved.


We are Western Hunting – not Western Shooting

So, don’t be young, dumb and trigger-happy. If you can’t eat it, don’t shoot it, or if it’s a pest, knock it off. These are the basic rules of the land. We only place ethical hunters. If you want to go shooting, go to a rifle range. We are Western Hunting – not Western Shooting.

IHP properties are not suited for ‘young guns’ with false bravado, who want to shoot everything that moves. As a hunting community, we don’t need these types of people jeopardising it for the rest of us, who love and appreciate getting out there, doing what we love most.

If you're part of the 99% of ethical hunters - click here to browse our hunting properties.





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How to Book

Its easy! Just let us know what you want to do - where, and when, you want to go, and we'll organise the property and camping / accommodation for your next hunting adventure.
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Property Owners

We only match premium hunters to your property. All hunters are assessed and rated by our team, by you and other landowners. If a hunter does not match up, we do not provide a booking.
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We believe in the balance conservation hunting provides. Farm stock and native endangered species are in a continuous battle for survival against the feral animal plague that is crippeling Australia.