Inland Hunting Properties - Listing with Inland Hunting Properties is a ‘Win-Win’  

Property Owners Testimonials

Listing your property with Inland Hunting Properties is a ‘Win-Win’

IHP has been working with Australian property owners for over 25 years, connecting reputable, highly rated hunters with their properties.

We work with you to manage your sustainable hunting resource by allowing limited hunter access.

This helps maintain balance on your property through sustainable and ethical hunting.

All hunters are assessed and rated by our team, by you and by other landowners. If a hunter does not meet our strict criteria, we don’t permit them a booking.

Rural Hunting in Outback Australia


Hunting Property Owner Testimonial

Good morning,
What a great group of people you sent as my first guests. They were such a lovely family. Unfortunately the weather was not on their side – it was pretty shitty really. We had snow / wind / rain – the lot. But that didn’t seem to worry them too much. Their hunt was unsuccessful, but I think the weather sent everything into hiding!! The hunter gave me some constructive feedback about camp spots, use of quads etc. They were fantastic guests. He promises they’ll be back....probably in warmer times of the year though.
Just so you know, they get 5 stars for everything!! Even though the hunt for sambar was unsuccessful, which disheartens me, I can’t wait for the next group of hunters.
Please pass on any other feedback the hunters have for you to me. I want to ensure everybody has a fantastic time, whatever the outcome.
Thank you so much for making this process so easy and sending such wonderful people. Look forward to regular bookings!!!
This is already paying off, with the money going towards sheep pellets we had to get last week. We’re sleeping a little easier knowing
there might / should be a fairly regular income from this venture.
???? Thanks again!!
Rating: 5
New South Wales Property Owners Benefit from the Service of Inland Hunting Properties

Creating a culture of outdoor connection and healthy living

Below are testimonials from some of our satisfied property owners. As you can see, engaging with IHP helps create an additional revenue stream and the eradication of feral animals, with minimal time and effort.

Best of all, our services are free to all property owners!

To find out more and discover if this unique opportunity to earn additional income is right for you, contact the IHP Family Team on (02) 65 857 185 for a chat and a free information pack.


"We have met some interesting people"

"I approached Inland Hunting Properties on the recommendation of friends.
They have helped me by acting as a booking service for people wanting to get away and experience the "real outback". The added bonus is aiding us in the eradication of feral animals, all done in a humanitarian way.

The result has been we have met some interesting people from diverse backgrounds and are now experiencing repeat bookings – a win/win!

I like Inland Hunting’s genuine concern, and attention to the owner’s interests.

I would recommend Inland Hunting, as we are extremely impressed with the professionalism, integrity and competent management which the IHP team provide."

Property Owner



Property Owners Free Information Pack


North West New South Wales Hunting Propery Owner

"Without this income, we would have struggled"

"We have made some lifelong friends through our involvement with IHP.

Some people we have met we have holidayed and traveled with and they have looked after our farm while we took a short break
It is a great opportunity to meet new people while generating additional income.

There have been some tough times on the farm, including 12 years of drought, which was made easier with the income from hunting. We have used the additional money to improve the farm and create a great tourist business. Without this income, we would have struggled.

Hunters use their bullets, time and fuel and get rid of pests (non-native animals) that are affecting our ecosystem and our income stream. And they are paying to do so. Win/Win.”"

Property owner


"The tourist dollar is important to our town"

“Hello to the IHP Family Team. Please accept this email as thanks for the terrific service you provide in vetting and supplying suitable hunters for our property. We see this service as providing our enterprise with a triple bottom line.

1. The financial boost from hunting fees. 2. Hunters are providing another tool in our feral animal control program (pigs, foxes, dogs and rabbits). 3. Hunting groups are spending money in and supporting our local businesses, our town is important to us, and the tourist dollar is important to our town.

The hunter-tourist is an interesting way for us to diversify, and we are looking forward to any other innovative ideas you can come up with in the future to help us diversify further.”

Best regards.

Mates and families hunting trip Australia


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"IHP are free - they do all the work"

“I detest blokes trying to get in here off the street. That has dropped off completely since we started getting hunters through Inland Hunting Properties. All thanks to the Hunter Rating System.

All except two groups were spot on – getting a 5-star rating. The other 2 got a 4-star rating.

Nonetheless, they are all welcome back. I now highly recommend IHP to my friends on the land.

I'm too busy to manage my own bookings, and besides, IHP is free. They do all the work.”

Central West NSW.
Property Owner


"I feel secure knowing IHP only send me reliable hunters"

“ I have had my property listed with IHP for over 10 years now and I am really impressed with their handling of bookings.

I am a female and often alone on my property without my husband. I feel secure knowing IHP only send me hunters who they rely on to do the right thing and I feel comfortable with a group of strangers.”

We have formed friendships with many hunters and have even attended their weddings.

I know the staff truly care - look after our interests and we in turn want the hunters to have a successful time here."

South Queensland.

Kerrie Eggins from Inand Hunting Properties




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Its easy! Just let us know what you want to do - where, and when, you want to go, and we'll organise the property and camping / accommodation for your next hunting adventure.
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Property Owners

We only match premium hunters to your property. All hunters are assessed and rated by our team, by you and other landowners. If a hunter does not match up, we do not provide a booking.
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We believe in the balance conservation hunting provides. Farm stock and native endangered species are in a continuous battle for survival against the feral animal plague that is crippeling Australia.