Inland Hunting Properties - Hunters & Firearm Safety  

How to keep yourself and others safe

Always follow the top ten basic rules

  1. Treat every firearm as loaded
  2. Always point firearms in a safe direction
  3. Load a firearm only when ready to fire
  4. Identify your target beyond all doubt
  5. Check your firing zone
  6. Store firearms and ammunition safely
  7. Never mix alcohol or drugs when handling firearms
  8. Never have loaded firearms in the car, home or camp
  9. Never fire at hard surfaces or water
  10. Do not climb fences or obstacles with loaded firearms.

Never shoot or fire at:

Movement only; colour only; sound only; shape only; a target on the skyline; and when companions are ahead of you.

Always observe the following safety gidelines

  • Be aware that others may be in the same area. (A bullet can easily travel <1Km)
  • Make sure there is nothing obstructing the barrel of your firearm before you fire.
  • Completely unload before you leave the shooting area and never leave your firearm loaded.
  • Unload your firearm before crossing a fence.
  • Walk through a stream while carrying firearms rather than jumping or crossing on rocks.
  • Always stay focussed when around firearms - no daydreaming !
  • Give advice on safety if you see any careless or unsafe behaviour with firearms. Irresponsible use of firearms causes injuries and deaths.
  • Have your firearm checked periodically by a gunsmith who knows about the firearm you own.
  • The wearing of blaze orange when hunting is highly recommended. (Prey are colour blind and cannot distinguish)





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How to Book

Its easy! Just let us know what you want to do - where, and when, you want to go, and we'll organise the property and camping / accommodation for your next hunting adventure.
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Property Owners

We only match premium hunters to your property. All hunters are assessed and rated by our team, by you and other landowners. If a hunter does not match up, we do not provide a booking.
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We believe in the balance conservation hunting provides. Farm stock and native endangered species are in a continuous battle for survival against the feral animal plague that is crippeling Australia.