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Charleville #2 QLD Hunting Property

Charleville Hunting Property, Charleville, QLD, 4470

Property information

  • Landowner Charges
  • Accommodation per Person per Night : $90
  • Camping per Person per Night : $75
  • Minimum Booking Fee : $550
  • Additional Info
  • Bikes or Quads Allowed : No
  • Dogs Allowed : No
  • Notes :

    Fishing Available - Yellowbelly, Catfish, Bream & Yabbies

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70,000 Acres with Pigs, Foxes, Cats, Rabbits, Hare, Goats (rarely), Fishing & Yabbies



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Charleville Queensland Hunting Property

Property Highlights

Charlieville #2 is a 70,000 acre property offering a vast, top rocky and timbered terrain where pigs, wild dogs, rabbits, foxes, and feral cats can be found.

You will need a 4WD to get to the property and to get around the property. There is variable Telstra phone service throughout.

A renovated and well-equipped shearers quarters are available for accommodation. No need to bring firewood – the property has available firewood lying around the property for you to collect.


You can sight your firearms at your campsite and target shoot with care, of course observing all safety precautions.

There are no extra charges for trophies, so long as hunters do the right thing.

Situated NW Charleville and SW Tambo, our 70,000acres has 8kms of permanent river frontage with a variety of creeks feeding into this.
Cleared buffel country to the east, with red mulga and ranges to the west provide a great choice for hunting. 11 permanent dams and many semi permanent dams and watercourses give year round  game hunting, bird watching, bush walking, fishing and relaxing.



The property is on the banks of Langlo and abounds in wildlife. There are many large dams vast areas to be free and gorges to explore. It is Red Mulga country with rocky tops, black soil and timbers.


Temperature and Rainfall

Rainfall has been sparse but averages 18 inches a year. Temps range from -4-45 degrees with an average of 28 degrees in Summer.



Renovated shearers quarters featuring 3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining, hot water, fans, toilets, cooking facilities, BBQ and east/west veranda is available. You will need to bring your own sleeping gear, fuel and food.

Please bring your own sun protection, repellent and first aid on hunts as there is only basic first aid available at the house for emergencies.

Pig Huning in Charleville


Best Time to Book

The best time to book is all year, but even better in Summer and Spring.

Visitors can arrive and depart anytime with respect and as long as the property owners are informed.


Property Owners Rules

Rules on the property are simple – please respect and read the conditions for property access book. Common Sense – leave gates as found, no shooting at or within 500m of stock, or on ridgelines, respecting property boundaries, avoid driving on crops.

Be mindful of driving close to or spooking stock and do not shoot anywhere near main house or owners’ pets. Hunt respectfully and no hunting and drinking. Take all rubbish with you to the designated area and do not litter throughout property. Obey any fire restrictions especially total fire bans.

Take only memories and leave only footprints!


River in Charleville

Items of Interest on the Property

Visitors enjoy the peacefulness and space, the stars at night and relaxing in this happy place surrounded by abundant wildlife.

Hunters enjoy being able to drive somewhere different on the property each day and the challenge of hunting in the vastness.

Riverside shack, where the shack is actually wired with lights and ceiling fans all anyone needs to do is bring a generator.


Property History and Information

The property is a 3rd generation property and named after the Battle of Bluecourt. It boasts a beautiful house and garden where family always gather.

The owners are proud to share the vast and unique land and all it’s precious wildlife. Preserving and maintaining the country – land and water – is very important to the current owners. They are open to a chat if you require further information on how best to enjoy your stay.


Tourist Attractions

This property is 140kms from the nearest major town of Charlieville and 150kms from Tambo.

Charlieville features a heritage centre, WWII walking trail, and Cosmos Centre with tours.

Tambo features river walks, home of the Tambo Teddies, heritage centre and town lake.

Families can relax, walk, read, fish, swim and bird watch on the property and in surrounding areas.


Additional Supplies

Service stations in Charlieville, Tambo and Augathella, all open 7 days.

IGA in Charlieville open 7 days 8-late weekdays and 8-4 weekends.

Foodworks in Tambo and Augathella open 5 days a week.

It is recommended visitors come well equipped.

River in Charleville





For access to any of our properties, all Shooters, Non-shooters and Bow Hunters require current membership of one of the following:

All Doggers on dogging approved properties need to be a member of the APDHA

For each non-hunter attending any of our properties, it is compulsory to be covered by current comprehensive public liability insurance. This is a non-negotiable requirement and forms part of your booking contract. Similar to having travel insurance to go on holidays. This insurance is available by being a current member of an AHO, the SSAA or the Shooters Union before your booking is approved.

We also recommend current ambulance cover.

You enter these properties fully aware of the risks involved and do so at your own risk.
IHP, property owners and all related and unrelated parties are not held liable for any claim, accident or injury.

In other words, take responsibility for your own actions, watch what you are doing and ACT LIKE AN ADULT WITH COMMON SENSE.

We truly want everyone to have a great time on our properties. Take time to read and understand the Conditions of Property Access



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