Quilpie #2 QLD Hunting Property

Hunting Property, Quilpie, Queensland, 4480

Property information

  • Landowner Charges
  • Accommodation per Person per Night : $85
  • Camping per Person per Night : $70
  • Minimum Booking Fee : $440
  • Additional Info
  • Bikes or Quads Allowed : Yes
  • Dogs Allowed : No
  • Notes :

    Goats - (Large Billy's - Trophy Fee Applies)
    Fishing Available

Open for Hunting Call 02 65 599 888 to Book Now
110,000 Acres with Pigs, Goats (at a fee), Foxes, Cats, Rabbits & Hare

Quilpie 2 Hunting Property

Quilpie, with a population of around 500 people is a small town located in the Channel Country of South Western Queensland.

The Quilpie 2 property has been in the family for over 100 years and a range of hunting options available with spotlighting, quads, motorcycles and four wheel driving all permitted on the property.

A very good council road runs from top to bottom of the property for 35km with no gates allowing easy and fast access.

Hunters can test their skills chasing after Pigs, Rabbits, Foxes, Feral Cats, Yabbie and Yellow belly Fishing.


The Terrain around the property has some big variations from flat open plains to woodland and some of the famous Channel Country. Country creeks and waterholes going back into the grey range – stoney hills with dissected residuals all make for some great hunting.

A four wheel drive is not needed in dry conditions as you can get to most places on the property with good car access. Obviously four wheel drive is needed in extended wet conditions.


With the quarters approximately 50 kilometres from the Quilpie township, the best check in times are to be arranged prior with a few days notice. This gives the property owner a window to stop what work they are doing meet and greet you – if arriving after sundown, your first night is free to avoid camping elsewhere in the area or on your way.

Facilities available during your stay

The quarters are old but serviceable – with full kitchen, utensils, fridges, big 500 litre freezer, gas and electric stove, microwave, toaster, kettles etc, Power and land line, showers and toilets, hot water, rain water, 15 beds in 8 rooms, big wash down hose / fire hose, one room is air conditioned.

Make sure you bring your sheets and blankets, food and booze, good cheer and manners.

Please note that the property has patchy Telstra reception.

There's nothing like a good campfire and the property has unlimited free firewood and the property owner even invites you to take as much as you can carry home.

Best time to book

The best time to book is all year with summer good for catching pigs at waters and with winter cool to go walking in the channels.

The property experiences hot summers mild winters with perhaps 3 or 5 frosts a year with 20 degrees days.

Extra fees are charged for feral goats. Usually, the property has a few hundred in all sizes in the 10,000 acre goat paddock.

Bring the whole family

Visitors often comment on and love the big open space and easy going owners. When wives and children come along they often walk, swim, fish, catch yabbies, explore the numerous dams and waterholes.

As mentioned, the property owners value good manners and friendly cheer – with their pet hates of shooting signs, yards and windmills, this has only happened once with the hunters barred from all future bookings through Inland Hunting Properties.

Closest supplies are in the township of Quilpie – open from around 8am – 5pm – you can buy alcohol, food and ice. No ammunition is available in the area – so bring your own.

Quilpie also has a swimming pool and a big lake that is good for jet ski water-skiing. The town has an art gallery, stocked with very talented local art. At Eromanga, about 100 km drive, there is a museum with massive Dinosaur bones, the biggest in Australia - and some now perhaps biggest in the world. All dug up locally and opens each day.

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